With a star portfolio, we can create a glamorous programme or a brilliant campaign.

For the special prices designed by super stars for super stars!

We guarantee an offer according to your needs – whether you are a company, a marketing agency, or you organize social events.


We work for a variety of organizing, event and advertising agencies.

We provide them with original content for their clients’ campaigns. Our presented VIPs participate in your campaigns! That is why cooperation often involves even presenting, concerts, corporate parties and other events. All our partners appreciate the perfect production, very friendly financial conditions and the care of our stars..


We are managers and producers of many people from the Czech show business.

We provide complete celebrity service. We install carpet in front of of the concert halls and ball rooms. We draw stroryboards for TV spots. We plan impressive press advertisement. We also provide our VIPs with PR services.


We can connect your product with a celebrity no matter what your field and size are.

We can prepare exclusive packages according to your financial and content needs including VIP events, press advertisement, bilboards, PR or digital campaigns With a concert or a show as icing on the cake.