The 4th birthday of VDN Promo and the launch of Dana Morávková’s calendar

We celebrated 4th company birthday at Botel Admiral on 2.12.2019. As usual, this year we launched the calendar. The year 2020 will be dedicated to Dana Morávková. She has become the calendar’s face. Many celebrities arrived at Botel Admiral – Jaromir Jagr, Attila Veg, Lucie Krizkova, Radim Fiala, or Heavy Pokondr, who took care of the music program. The pictures from the calendar were auctioned for charitable purposes and almost CZK 200,000 was collected.

Lucie Bílá in Strakonice

Lucie Bílá has performed in Strakonice a day after concert in Hořovice. There concert was held on 21.11.2019. The House of Culture has been sold out since the summer. The guests were again welcomed by the priest Zbigniew Czendlik. Lucie Bílá sang twenty songs, including hits such as Ave Maria and Silent Night. The musical guest was Jan Toužimský. Lucie and Jan were accompanied by Petr Malásek.

Lucie Bílá in Hořovice

The first concert from the White Christmas tour Lucie Bílá for the year 2019 took place on November 20, 2019 in Hořovice, Central Bohemia. Lucie Bílá started a traditional tour in front of a sold out town culture house. The evening was moderated by a Roman Catholic priest Zbigniew Czendlik, who amused the audience. Lucie Bílá charmed everyone with her singing. She was accompanied by pianist and composer Petr Malásek. The musical guest was Jan Toužimský. Lucie Bílá had standing ovation and received a few puget flowers and gifts from her fans.

The Sametová 30 concert

On November 16, 2019, we organized a concert called Sametová 30 in Prague’s Lucerna. It was the concert on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Jan Křížek, Vojta Dyk and Marta Kubišová were the main stars of the evening. It was sold out and the atmosphere of memories of the revolution was felt through the concert. In the auditorium were many Czech celebrities – Eva Holubova, Zlata Adamovska, Petr Stepanek, Dana Moravkova, Olga Sommerova, Nora Fridrichova and Dagmar Havlova, the first lady whose husband Vaclav Havel was connected with the revolution. The evening was moderated by Lucie Křížková and Jakub Železný.

SANDRA in Příbram

The SANDRA performed during a mini tour in the Czech republic in Příbram -Central Bohemia on 5th October 2019. She sold out the Sports hall and visitors had a phenomenal experience. The show was unforgettable.

SANDRA in Lucerna

The SANDRA performed 4.10.2019 in front of the crowded audience in Lucerna. The concert lasted 90 minutes. Sandra sang her biggest hits. There was standing ovation at the end of the concert.

Premiere of the Marta Kubisova’s video clip – Prayer for Marta

The premiere of the videoclip was 9.9.2019 in the prestigious small cinema hall of Lucerna. The videoclip was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. You can watch the video clip HERE.

Energon 20 years

We have organized a celebration for Energon. They celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company. We have organized a complete program, catering, technical support, equipment of artists, PR. The afternoon was dedicated to children. There was a bouncy castle, photo corner, electric scooters. Sports were also available – tennis, zorbing, beach and classic volleyball. A magician appeared on the stage. Then tree was the main music program – Olga Lounová, Lenny and Majk Spirit.

Tyson Fury Tour

World boxing champion Tyson Fury came to tell his extraordinary life story to Prague! The show called Tyson Fury Tour started on Thursday 20.6. 2019 in Prague club SaSaZu. Several hundred spectators listened his life story. Tyson Fury gave Staredown of the match of the century between Attila Végh and Karlos Vemola and it was part of the show. A special guest was singer -Rytmus.  Guests also met Tyson Fury in person at the Meet & Greet. The whole evening was moderated by Ondřej Novotný.

Fashion Second Hand 5!

Fashion Second Hand celebrated half-rounds on 23.3. 2019. The 5th anniversary of the largest event was held in Příbram. There was 50 sellers. They sell their fashion items from 9am to 12pm. Unsold clothing, which the sellers put into prepared bags was transported for charitable purposes.

Pop Music Gala

On February 2, 2019, the Pop Music Gala was held in Příbram, featuring Marek Ztracený, Tereza Mašková as the latest winner of the Super Star singing contest, and Karel Gott, a holder of multiple Zlatý slavík awards who was in top form at the sold-out music hall in Příbram. The event was presented by Lucie Křížková.

Christmas concert at Obořiště

As a part of celebrating the 100 years of Czech statehood, a concert was held in the Central Bohemia Region, featuring Jitka Zelenková, Lucie Bílá, and Marta Kubišová. The event took place on November 23, 2018, at the beautiful St. Joseph church in Obořiště.

Mike Tyson tour

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, we organised a unique show with Mike Tyson at the SASAZU restaurant where a thousand guests could hear him tell his phenomenal life story. Attendees could also personally meet Mike at Meet & Greet and enjoy a unique experience. Special guests included Karlos Vémola and Rytmus who rapped Tyson’s entrance music. The event was presented by Libor Bouček.

III. VDN promo celebrates its birthda

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the VDN promo agency celebrated its 3rd birthday. The celebration included the launch of Marta Kubišová’s calendar, entitled Pořád Svobodná, with Karel Gott and Ondřej Vetchý as sponsors. Moreover, three paintings were auctioned off for the total sum of 69 000 CZK which will be used by Marta Kubišová to aid animal shelters of her choice.

Alphaville, Příbram

Alphaville held a concert on October 5, 2018, in Příbram. This unique event was attended by almost 1500 people. Because the world-famous band had up until then performed only in large cities, the concert officially made Příbram a metropolis of world importance.

Alphaville Prague, Lucerna

World-famous Alphaville performed on Thursday, October 4, 2018, in the Lucerna hall in Prague. The concert was attended by 2200 people who experienced a unique show and incredible mood

The History of Music

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, in Prague’s Municipal House, a prestigious concert was held to celebrate the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s foundation, featuring artists who were and are prodigies of individual decades of the country’s history – Dagmar Pecková, Aneta Langerová, Vojtěch Dyk, David Koller, Richard Müller, and Marta Kubišová who briefly resumed her place in the spotlight. The artists were accompanied by the Petr Malásek band and the Score Orchestra.


On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, a concert was held at the restored sports hall in Dobříš to commemorate the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s foundation. It featured Jitka Zelenková who had recently celebrated 50 years’ worth of a musical career, Petra Janů, and Lucie Bílá, currently the greatest Czech singer. The singers were accompanied by the Peter Malásek band.

The Living Statues festival

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, we revived the Pražská Street in Příbram by holding the Living Statues festival there. The unique and fantastic show was experienced by 12 000 attendees in total. The mood was and remained beautiful throughout.


The second concert to commemorate the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s foundation was held on September 20, 2018, in the Central Bohemian town of Nymburk, featuring Jitka Zelenková, Petra Janů, and Marta Kubišová who had recently ended her career, but briefly returned to the stage for the unique jubilee.

Mladá Boleslav

A concert held on September 18, 2018, in Mladá Boleslava kicked off a series of concerts to commemorate the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s foundation. The event took place in the gorgeous Czech Brethren Church, featuring Jitka Zelenková, Petra Janů, and Marta Kubišová who were accompanied by the Petr Malásek band.

The Běh města Dobříše 2018 run

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, we held our second sports event – the 2nd Běh města Dobříše run, organized in collaboration with the town of Dobříš. It was attended by hundreds of competitors who were thrilled with the organization and side events.

Příbram Food Festival

On June 3, at the Dvořák Waterfront in Příbram, the second Příbram Food Festival was held. It was attended by thirteen regional restaurants, competing with one another to become the best restaurant of the Příbram Food Festival 2018. The competition was won by Statek Svaté Pole, followed by Equitana Martinice and the Nový Rybník guesthouse. Petr Kotvald with backup dancers gave a performance.

Peter Nagy in Dobříš

On May 31, 2018, we began cooperating with Peter Nagy and his Indigo band by holding a concert in the Central Bohemian town of Dobříš. The guests enjoyed the event immensely.

4 Second Hand

On March 24, the fourth Fashion Second Hand was held, at a new sports hall. Hundreds of women attended the charity event. All remaining clothing was put in bags and removed for charitable purposes.

Michal David in Nymburk

On 2nd March 2018, we organized a performance of Michal David at the ball in Nymburk.

Lucie Bílá in Příbram

Lucie Bílá performed together with a pianist Petr Malásek in Theatre Příbram on 2nd March 2018. The theatre was sold out completely.

2Nd birthday of VDN promo

In autumn 2017, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of VDN promo in Amiral botel. In terms of this event we also launched the Selfie Calendar 2018 and organized an auction for VDN Make your dream happen.

Lucie Bílá in Obořiště

On 24th November, the Advent concert of Lucie Bílá took place in the church of Obořiště town. The evening was hosted by two organizers Jitka Doubravová and Petr Větrovský, and immediately afterwards Roman Catholic priest Zbigniew Czendlik took over the word.

Lucie Bílá performed with Petra Malásek and as a guest they invited Honza Toužimský. The concert in the church had and unique atmosphere.

Marta in Lucerna

This day will always be recorded in the history of the Czech music scene. Although it was the penultimate concert in Martha Kubišova’s career, it was definitely the peak of the final tour. On October 27, 2017, Marta said good byt to a sold out Lucerna, in the presence of several prominent guests. Lucie Bílá, Aneta Langerová or Václav Neckář were singing for Marta as her guests. The flower was given on the spot, for example, by actors such as Ondřej Vetchý, Dana Morávková, Jitka Zelenková, or the Minister of Culture Mr. Daniel Herman. The entire concert was recorded by Czech Television, and will soon be released on DVD.

Marta for the Last Time tour

It was an honour to organize the last tour of such a personality as Marta Kubišová For this aim, we chose seven Czech cities – Brno, Sedlčany, Chomutov, Varnsdorf, Hořovice, Prahu a České Budějovice. And in the last mentioned city, on the day of the 75th birthday Marta definitively finished her career. České Budějovice is her home town and right there she received honors of merit from the mayor of the city.

Dobříš Run

Our first sport event took place on 7 October 2017 in Dobříš, where we restored our cooperation with the City of Dobříš. Hundreds of runners were satisfied with the first year of the event and also with the track and organizers. From the celebrities, we can mention Leoš Mareš who competed in VDN promo relay together with his son and dog.


The first ever foreign band to appear in the town of Příbram was the Nazareth, which has several world hits. On October 1st, they performed in the Přibram sports hall in front of a sold-out audience, and their songs such as Dream on or Love hurts.

Talk Show with Marta Kubišová

Marta Kubišová finised her career in the fall of this year, and we had the honor of organizing her last series of concerts. This was preceded by a discussion on her life, which took place in a cultural house in Dobřéš, 21 September 2017. He guest were for example: aactor Ondřej Vetchý or Petr Malásek.

Příbram Food Festival

Food festivals are increasing year after year, but Příbram has experienced this type of activity for the first time ever. On September 17, 2017, Dvořákovo nábřeží šas filled up with thousands of people who came to taste specialities from local restaurants. An accompanying program included fruit and vegetable motifs, a cookery show, but the most important part was a voting for the best restaurant, which became Penzion Nový Rybník. Followed by Statek Svaté Pole and Pizzařství Příbram.

Hanka Zagorová in Dobříš

Hanka Zagorová came to our district this year for the second time, when she performed in Dobříš on September 3rd and there was again a huge interest in her concert. The premises of Kopáčkův dvůr were sold out, just like the Theater Příbram, in February, and together with Petr Rezek, they showed such a thrill that young people can be envious of therm.

Rytmus in Příbram

Exactly after three years, the King of the Czechoslovak rap, Patrik Vrbovský, aka Rytmus, appeared on the 1st of September at the Příbram club Pandora. Patrik showed that he still had a lot of fans, who did not miss his concert.

Stella Ateliers Campaign

Stella Ateliers celebrated its 20th anniversary. Together with them also celebrated Olga Lounová, Mark Ztracený, Nikol Švantnerová or Lucie Křížková, who received a luxurious bed linen as a present they were very satisfied with.

Lucie Bílá – Mutěnice Winery

The cooperation of Lucie Bílá and BMW Bratislava, which was organized by our VDN Promo agency. Thanks to this collaboration Luci Bílá is officially enjoying the BMW X5. At the same time, Lucie Bílá’s cooperation with the Mutěnice Winery, which was also provided by our VDN Promo Agency,was extended

Lucie Bílá – Hana Tour

Lucie Bílá released a new album Hana last year and we organized an exclusive tour through the Czech Republic. The new program, made up of songs from both the new album and its hits, inspired thousands of visitors.

Majk Spirit in underground garages OC Skalka

On April 25 there was the concert of one of the biggest rap stars Majk Spirit and also the first concert in the garages OC Skalka Příbram, . The concert has won an unexpected success, so it goes on. Here, another of the stars of the rap scene, Rytmus, will perform.

Video for Victoria Tip with Leoš Mareš

For Victoria Tip, we have fully implemented a campaign with Leoš Mareš. From our workshop the creation of the whole clip comes, including scenario, camera and directing.

Hana Zagorová in Theatre Příbram

White Christmas by Lucie Bílá

We would like to thank to the general partner of Tip Games, ČEZ and our main partners, Otherm and Sapho , that they have taken part in the amazing spectacle of 6 concerts of the White Christmas by Lucie Bílá..

Christmas Party for Prague Public Transport Company

In December 2016, we made three-day Christmas parties for employees of the Prague Public Transport Company, during which Petra Janů, Michal David or Yo Yo Band performed.

Energon in Arsenal

Olympic band in Příbram

The Czech legendary Olympic group leaded by Petr Janda appeared in the Pribram sports hall yesterday. Approximately two-hour-long concert was seen by hundreds of viewers who filled up the capacity of the hall.


1st Birthday of VDN Promo

Promotional production agency VDN Promo celebrated its first birthday on September 14th in the heights, at the Observatory of the Žižkov Tower, 93 meters above the ground. Many famous celebrities came to congratulate and the peak of the evening was arrival of Karel Gott.

Video for Tip Games with Julia Zugarova

In January 2016, we made an advertising spot with Julie Zugarová for Tip Games, which runs from October on Óčko channel and will be also running on Czech TV. We have created, shot and produced the campaign.

Nissan Příbram Fashion Show

On Friday, October 7th, the first year of major fashion show was held in Příbram. The new Nissan showroom at Nová hospoda has turned unrecognizable. All visitors, sponsors, and journalists were shocked. Noone expected an event of these dimensions in our city.

Lucie Bílá in Dobříš castle

Lucie Bílá visited our district on September 4, this year for the third time. In February she performed at the Příbram Theatre, in June she was brilliant at the city festival in Příbram and yesterday she performed at the courtyard of the Dobříš castle. Expected interest in the concert was fulfilled. It was a full house. The weather was on the organizers side

Lucie Bílá in Ostrava

First cooperation with our most popular Czech singer Lucie Bílá. Lucie Bílá performed with the accompaniment of pianist Petr Malásek in the Dům kultury Ostrava. Lucie performed in front of 550 viewers and then went to a banquet where she posed for the photographers with all the sponsors. After the banquet she went to surprise students at the ball that was held up one floor above. From the start of our cooperation with the 18-time holder of the Golden Nightingale, we organized some of her performances and became the biggest producer of Lucie Bílá for 2016.

Calendar for Kapka naděje foundation

In the autumn of 2015, we have produced calendars on Social Differences that highlighted the problems of people in society. The following celebrities became the faces of the calendar: Lucie Borhyová, Leoš Mareš, Rey Koranteng, Petr Vágner, Robert Záruba, Lucie Křížková, Julie Zugarová, Míra Hejda, Zorka Hejdová, Nikol Švantnerová, Ladislav Špaček, Milan Baroš and Jaro Slávik. The proceeds from the calendar went to the Kapka naděje Foundation.

Karel Gott in Příbram

On 9 October, the first gala evening of popular music took place in Příbram, where Olga Lounová, Petra Janů and the best Czech singer Karel Gott performed. Gala evening sold out the Příbram sports hall. Karel Gott stayed a few more minutes in the lobby after the end of his performance and was willing to take photos and give autographs. For the citizens of Central Bohemian Příbram, it was an exceptional experience.

Winery Mutěnice Campaign

The face of the Winery Mutěnice for 2016 became Lucie Bílá. The campaign was realized by VDN on a turn-key basis, from finding the face of the campaign to overall production. The output is a billboard campaign, advertisements, leaflets, and Lucie’s participation in corporate events.

Campaign with Rytmus 

In the autumn of 2015 we filmed advertising spotsvfor Nova sport and Czech TV with Patrik Vrbovský aka Rytmus. Patrik became the face of a newly created bookmaker. The ads will run on TV from September 2016. The entire campaign from the creative scenario to filming, directing and production comes from our company.